Why choose Heligan Partners

How we support your growth and exit strategies

We make corporate finance work for business. That means we make it work for business owners too. To do that, firstly, we need to understand what your objectives are, so we can present the right options for you and your business. Then we work with your team to prepare and execute the transaction.

Identifying your options

We’re an experienced team of advisors with expertise across all parts of the deal process and a wide range of sectors. We view each business and opportunity as unique. The timing, the objectives, the stage of growth, the product, services, the customers, all are particular to your business. We use the different perspectives and fresh thinking in our teams to present – and explain – your options.

Executing growth and exit strategies

Running the transaction involves creating the business plan, presenting your business to potential sources of finance and executing the change in corporate structure and shareholding. Delivering a successful transaction requires a range of skills and experience. Understanding what each party needs to see – and how they need to see it – is crucial.

Presenting your business to a trade buyer requires a different approach compared to presenting it to a private equity investor. Shaping the deal, creating the plan, and then marketing the opportunity, while minimising the impact on the day-to-day running of your business, is what we do.

Focused on the long-term

Sometimes, though, the right thing to do is nothing. We don’t have deal targets, and our teams aren’t under pressure to push you down a pre-determined path. We’re focused on the long-term. We want to be a partner to you and your business, not just working on this transaction, but the next one and beyond.

It all starts with a conversation. Use the briefing form to give us some background, and we’ll arrange a call or meeting.